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  • What kind of copy, comms and content does FW2 produce?"
    We create internal/external comms, email campaigns, blog posts, landing pages, white papers, advertising and promotional campaigns, and social messaging.
  • What else does FW2 do?
    We also provide brand development, creative strategy and sales support services.
  • Is FW2 just another full-service ad agency?
    No. We're a free-form marketing hub. Think of us as a collective. We're a loosely connected group of experienced marketing creatives. We provide text, photo, audio, video, design, and event solutions to enhance sales and make brands bigger. Because we're all freelance talent we avoid the overhead costs of a shiny downtown tower. This means we provide the client with award-winning work at the best possible price.
  • What does FW2 cost?
    Clients may pay standard hourly rate, retainer rate, or fixed project cost. Please contact us for more information or to get a ballpark estimate.
  • Does FW2 charge for a cost estimate?
    No. It's free.
  • Does FW2 only work remotely?
    No. We can come to you and work on-site if required.
  • What about client confidentiality?
    We respect our clients' privacy. All information and communications that you share with us stay with us throughout and beyond the working relationship. We never give, share or sell client data.
  • Can you show me some samples?
    See here for recent work samples, or contact us to see specific industry samples from our achives.
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